prelucrare video, prelucrare audio

Video production, audio production and post-production studio

MTP STUDIO is a company born as a result of a "collection of events" that determined the members of the current team to work together. We can include in this collection of events: the high demand for high quality production and post-production on the Romanian market, the absence of companies providing such services to SMEs, the high costs incurred by the existing companies, the lack of interest of some agencies for middle-end companies and many others... "events" that you certainly remarked.

The thing we knew from the beginning is that we have "knowledge"; working separately for different projects we acquired the necessary experience. But this is not enough.

The "wisdom" came along with the establishment of the company in 2004. At that time, the "knowledge" got wings and made us set up the main objective of the company: to provide to SMEs audiovisual production, at a right price, but without any compromise as regards the quality. We based on a total understanding of the customers' needs as well as on our creativity and versatility as regards the budget the customers can spend.

After two years of activity, our "knowledge" became larger, while our "wisdom" made our wings grow and fly.  Currently, our field of activity has extended, the business has grown, though our objective is unchanged. And we promise to keep our words.

How can we summarize in the nicest manner the collection of events that lead us to know the real wisdom of knowledge? By means of the following motto:

"Do not let this day pass without doing something to change your dreams into reality."
Panduri 29, P2A, 16 / Bucharest